Why MPS?



Seamlessly interfacing our service with your needs is a priority to MPS Financial.  That's why MPS has spent years developing proprietary software that assists our clients with handling their financials in an easy-to-use and secure environment similar to those used by well known banks and major stock brokerage companies.  


MPS provides quality and affordable services that provide clients the opportunity to use employee resources to build their business--leaving the paperwork to MPS. 


MPS has well over 30 years of experience in the field with a reputation of integrity, accuracy and confidentiality.  


MPS clients value our commitment to being the "secret weapon" for their business--keeping their customers' financials in order, while ensuring that their company's proprietary information be kept confidential.  


Every client's needs are unique and require flexibility.  From customized reports to new integrations, MPS remains committed to leading the accounting and lockbox industry incorporating the latest advancements in technology to ensure our clients' success.  


This is the foundation of MPS Financial's business.  It is why our company continues to serve customers who have been with us for 30 years.  We must be accurate so you look great to your customers.  We win when our customers win!