Our Services

Lockbox Services


Check processing requires accuracy and timeliness.  MPS Financial customers experience both.  From working with the banking industry as their outsource solution to providing utility and service based businesses with a quality lockbox solution, MPS Financial understands the importance of ensuring the lockbox process is handled right the first time.

Financial Reporting


MPS ensures accuracy in our financials by having multiple representatives confirm the integrity of the data we input.  Our customers benefit from our intense desire to ensure that accuracy. 

Accounts Receivable


From processing payments to ensuring the accuracy of the data input, MPS ensures that your business is taken care of.  

Accounts Payable


MPS Financial prints on demand to ensure the highest level of security.  Our clients tell us when and how to handle their payables.  We provide them  the check ready for signature, a copy of the check and an envelope ready for mailing.  

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee Lockbox Services


The lockbox process for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustees' requires precision and proper handling.  MPS Financial understands and responds to the needs of our clients to ensure each payment is handled with accuracy and integrity.  



MPS Financial has the team and tools in place to ensure your statements are mailed out in a timely manner.  In addition, our clients benefit from being able to insert multiple flyers into their mailings.